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Central Registration Office

As of May 18,2020, we will utilize an online registration process for all students, including 2020-2021 kindergarten registration, registration for special education needs and private and parochial school transportation applications.

Due to the extension of school closing, we are revising our registration process in order to protect our employees and resident families.
Thank you for your understanding.

Please use the link in the middle of this page to access the registration documents.

If you are unable to register electronically, you can pick up registration documents and return the completed documents at the Administration building at 22 Horse Hollow Road between     9 a.m. and 4 p.m. daily. We will have an inbox and outbox there for your convenience and safety.

Please email with any questions, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Please stay safe and healthy!

Click here for registration forms.


The Locust Valley Central School District affirms that its primary responsibility is to provide the best possible educational opportunities for those children who are legal district residents. Students who are determined not to be legal residents of the school district shall be removed pursuant to Board Policy and State Education Law.  The parents and/or legal guardians of students who are found to have attended Locust Valley Schools illegally shall be charged tuition for the time that they have been found not to be valid residents of the district.