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Central Registration Office

Registration of new students takes place at the Administration Building on Horse Hollow Road and is by appointment only.   The District Registrar can be reached at 516-277-5065 or 516-277-5066 to schedule appointments to register new students. 

Below you will find all of the applicable forms that families must complete and return in person to the Registrar, along with appropriate proof of birth for each student to be registered, and documents that will serve as proof of residency. We require at least one current and original document from each of the following lists:

  • Tax receipts, mortgage statements, deeds, lease agreement or rent receipt
  • Current utility bills (Cablevision &/or LIPA)


The Locust Valley Central School District affirms that its primary responsibility is to provide the best possible educational opportunities for those children who are legal district residents. Students who are determined not to be legal residents of the school district shall be removed pursuant to Board Policy and State Education Law.  The parents and/or legal guardians of students who are found to have attended Locust Valley Schools illegally shall be charged tuition for the time that they have been found not to be valid residents of the district.


Click here for registration forms for new entrants.