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Locust Valley Intermediate News

Written by fifth-graders Jack, Quin, and Sydney

In May of 2009 five 5th grade students from Locust Valley Intermediate School went to SUNY Old Westbury for a mathletes competition. There were about 50 schools that went, and there were five students from each school.

The five students from LVI were Zachary, Peyton, Sydney, Jack and Quin. Upon arrival they participated in an individual event that had 10 problems to be completed in 30 minutes.  In mathletes they had half an hour to finish only five  questions. They were also competing against 6th graders. 

After the 30 minutes were up, they went into an auditorium. There, they checked the answers with the person who created the problems. He showed them many different ways to solve them.

Then it was time to start the team event. They had another 10 questions to answer in only 20 minutes but this time they worked as a team.

After lunch they held the tiebreaker for the three people that got 10 out of 10 problems right on the individual competition (they were all 6th graders). Then they held the team tiebreaker. The first 5 tiebreaker questions everyone got wrong. Finally they got the 6th question right. The team that won had the same person who won the induvidual tiebreaker. 

Going on this trip was very fun for those students who participated. For people who love doing math it was a great day. Everyone from LVI would love to do it again. If you get a chance to go you should because it is a lot of fun to do math and working on a team with friends for a day is great too.

Locust Valley and Bayville Students Win Anti-Bullying Poster Contest

Students in Locust Valley and Bayville Elementary Schools know how to stop bullying, and the posters they created to spread the word won them recognition from Child Abuse Prevention Services (CAPS).

Three students were winners in the CAPS 2009-2010 Bully Prevention Poster/Poem Contest. Additionally, a fourth student received honorable mention. The posters were selected from among 1500 entries that were submitted by students from 57 schools throughout Long Island. The fourth graders entered the contest in conjunction with their bully prevention program.

Congratulations to all the participants!

Giving Meaning to Veterans Day

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Standing on a stage, speaking into a microphone, Bayville Elementary School students showed their own kind of bravery as they asked questions of visiting veterans, whose answers to those questions demonstrated the bravery that men and women exhibited while in the military.

The fifth graders in Kelley Price’s class and second graders in Dani Schatz’s class paired up to learn more about veterans in honor of Veterans Day. The two classes have been working together, focusing on themes each month. This month’s theme of gratitude was the perfect platform for thanking veterans for their service to our country.

The students wanted to know about the most challenging experiences and the most rewarding ones that the six veterans on stage had while serving our country. They learned that being away from their families was hard and that they had to do whatever they were told without asking why. The veterans each shared their thoughts of their time in the military and reminded the students that they should appreciate the freedoms that they have living in the United States, because many men and women sacrificed their lives to give them such freedoms. The veterans were gifted handmade thank-you cards, reminding them that the students do indeed appreciate their sacrifices.

The Bayville students were not the only ones in the district recognizing Veterans Day. Ann MacArthur Primary School kindergartners used crayons and colored pencils to create red, white and blue hearts, which were all joined together on a beautiful banner to hang outside the school.

At the high school, senior Trinity Benstock, representing the History Club, read a piece honoring veterans over the loudspeaker during morning announcements. The high school’s Back the Blue Club laid flowers at the flagpole and had a moment of silence in honor of all veterans. Eighth graders at Locust Valley Middle School wrote letters to soldiers based in the United States and abroad. Other similar activities took place in classrooms across the district.

The Locust Valley school community thanks all veterans for their service to our country!

Superintendent Spotlight

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Two Locust Valley elementary school students have gone above and beyond in exhibiting kindness to their classmates during recess, and are being recognized in the October Superintendent Spotlight, a new monthly recognition in which Superintendent of Schools Kenneth E. Graham, Ed.D. highlights students for their acts of kindness.

Locust Valley Intermediate School fourth-grader Kosly Ronquillo has gone out of his way to help a new classmate feel welcome. Not only does he help with Spanish translation, but he also makes sure that his new friend is included at recess when the students play together. Kosly was new to the school last year and has quickly embodied the school philosophy of being a welcoming and inclusive community.

Ann MacArthur Primary School first grader Brooks Fox has been recognized by multiple staff members for his ongoing efforts to be inclusive. Brooks makes sure that his classmates are included during recess, exhibiting characteristics of a bucket filler and proving that he understands that kindness is cool.

“I am proud to recognize Kosly and Brooks for exemplifying the traits that represent Locust Valley,” Dr. Graham said. “These young men are role models for their peers and we are proud to call them Falcons.”

Fire Safety Tips from the Experts

Image depicting blocks with fire fighter equipment thumbnail180006

Thanks to a collaboration with the Bayville and Locust Valley Fire Departments, elementary students across the district can watch a fire safety video that reinforces lessons taught in the classrooms. Firefighters from both departments joined together to share important messages. The district is thankful to them for providing this valuable video.