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Locust Valley Intermediate News

Written by fifth-graders Jack, Quin, and Sydney

In May of 2009 five 5th grade students from Locust Valley Intermediate School went to SUNY Old Westbury for a mathletes competition. There were about 50 schools that went, and there were five students from each school.

The five students from LVI were Zachary, Peyton, Sydney, Jack and Quin. Upon arrival they participated in an individual event that had 10 problems to be completed in 30 minutes.  In mathletes they had half an hour to finish only five  questions. They were also competing against 6th graders. 

After the 30 minutes were up, they went into an auditorium. There, they checked the answers with the person who created the problems. He showed them many different ways to solve them.

Then it was time to start the team event. They had another 10 questions to answer in only 20 minutes but this time they worked as a team.

After lunch they held the tiebreaker for the three people that got 10 out of 10 problems right on the individual competition (they were all 6th graders). Then they held the team tiebreaker. The first 5 tiebreaker questions everyone got wrong. Finally they got the 6th question right. The team that won had the same person who won the induvidual tiebreaker. 

Going on this trip was very fun for those students who participated. For people who love doing math it was a great day. Everyone from LVI would love to do it again. If you get a chance to go you should because it is a lot of fun to do math and working on a team with friends for a day is great too.

Locust Valley and Bayville Students Win Anti-Bullying Poster Contest

Students in Locust Valley and Bayville Elementary Schools know how to stop bullying, and the posters they created to spread the word won them recognition from Child Abuse Prevention Services (CAPS).

Three students were winners in the CAPS 2009-2010 Bully Prevention Poster/Poem Contest. Additionally, a fourth student received honorable mention. The posters were selected from among 1500 entries that were submitted by students from 57 schools throughout Long Island. The fourth graders entered the contest in conjunction with their bully prevention program.

Congratulations to all the participants!

Giving Thanks Throughout the District

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Locust Valley students and staff proved that giving thanks can be accomplished in diverse ways as they held Thanksgiving celebrations, organized collections for those in need and invited family members to performances honoring the holiday.

Kindergarten students at Ann MacArthur Primary School started preparing weeks ahead for their celebration. The students created paper turkeys and practiced singing songs leading up to a performance that left parents and grandparents with smiles as big as the moon and hearts filled with pride.

Locust Valley Intermediate School third graders held a Thanksgiving kindness celebration in which each student wrote about an act of kindness done for them or by them and posted it on a bulletin board to view during their Thanksgiving feast. 

Bayville Primary School students also enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast complete with turkey and all the traditional sides. The children gathered in the gymnasium for a festive sing-a-long which featured tunes with a Thanksgiving theme, including the turkey tango, which Ann MacArthur Primary students also performed. 

Throughout the district, students and staff joined together to create baskets of food for those who required help making their holiday festive and traditional. The baskets were given to the Grenville Baker Boys and Girls Club for distribution to those who needed the food. 

It takes many people to organize these events, and the district administrators and Board of Education are thankful for each of them, including teachers, teaching assistants, custodians and parents!

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate and thank you for being part of our community!


Student Artist’s Piece Included in Exclusive Exhibit

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Locust Valley High School sophomore Noelle Valdinoto’s artwork was displayed in the 2019 Nassau County High School Student Juried Exhibit at The Art Guild in Manhasset.

Noelle’s work was selected in the juried exhibition, which required original submissions to be in 2D or 3D and created by hand. Her submission was selected and included in the exhibit during the month of November.

Her graphite artwork, “It’s About Time,” is the portrait of 93-year-old female artist Betye Saar. Noelle read an article about the artist, which discussed her pieces made from everyday items focusing on global culture, mysticism, history and racism, in which Saar said it is about time she is earning attention for her work. Noelle was inspired by Saar and spent countless hours ensuring she balanced the implied texture of Saar’s hair and face while still creating contrasting and interesting values.

“I believe Noelle has a mature thought process and is incredibly talented,” said Locust Valley High School art teacher Melanie Mooney. “She wanted to give Betye Saar the attention that she deserves.”

Noelle said her piece and its title hint to a deeper meaning in Saar’s long journey as an artist.

Congratulations to Noelle on being chosen for inclusion in this exclusive exhibit.

Cultural Diversity Brings Families Together

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Ann MacArthur Primary School was transformed into an international café, complete with delectable dishes and student performances that brought the multipurpose room alive with family traditions.

The Locust Valley Elementary School Parents’ Council sponsored the annual International Food Festival for families to learn about each other’s cultures. Attendees brought dishes from their own cultures to share with others at the potluck dinner, and they ate on placemats decorated by students to represent a variety of countries. Art teacher Dana Ettinger worked with the students to design the placemats, many of which looked like the maps of the countries they represented.

Guests enjoyed watching students show off their skills in traditional dances from their own heritages. Greek, Irish and Sikh Indian dances not only entertained, but also impressed the crowd.   

Students eagerly lined up to get henna tattoos, known as mehndi in India, which are temporary designs that are created with a paste made from the dried leaves of a henna plant. 

The LVEPC worked to make the event inclusive of all the cultures represented within the Locust Valley elementary schools. Principal Dr. Sophia Gary said the International Food Festival brought the community together. 

“It was a beautiful night celebrating each other and learning about our differences and similarities,” she said.


Building Relationships Through Bilingual Nights

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The community came together as more than 125 parents attended the district’s bilingual event, held over two nights for Spanish-speaking families from all of the LVCSD schools.

Organized and facilitated by Cyndy Ergen, a teaching assistant at Locust Valley Intermediate School, the event provided parents with helpful information to ensure that their children succeed in school. Ms. Ergen, who translates many district documents into Spanish for non-English-speaking families, shared the district calendar, important phone numbers and many helpful tips that would not only benefit students, but help parents and guardians feel more comfortable being part of the LVCSD community.  

Several district administrators and building faculty members were introduced, shared information about their departments and made the attendees feel comfortable by speaking in their native language and reminding them that the district will assist them in any way possible.

Ms. Ergen has been running this event for five years and said the Spanish-speaking community is appreciative that the information shared allows them to become more involved in the education of their children.

“Many of these families want to be more involved but don’t know how,” Ms. Ergen said. “By showing them where to find information, how to view the website in their own language and who to contact for various topics, they now feel more comfortable.”

Interim Superintendent of Schools, Thomas P. Dolan, Ed.D., said bilingual nights are important events that helps build bridges to connect all facets of the community. “When we work to make the entire community feel welcome, it benefits all of our students,” he said.

Ms. Ergen wishes to thank the school staff members and representatives from outside organizations that assisted in making the bilingual nights a success.

Halloween Fun!

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A little rain didn't scare LVCSD elementary school students away from celebrating Halloween. Primary school students held parades at their respective schools and intermediate school students attended dances complete with spooky decorations and games. Check out the slideshows to see all the creative costumes.

Bayville Intermediate School and Locust Valley Intermediate School


Ann MacArthur Primary School and Bayville Primary School