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Saluting Our Veterans

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Giving thanks to our country’s veterans was the theme throughout Locust Valley Central School District in honor of Veterans Day, celebrated on Nov. 11.

Elementary school students took out their colored pencils, crayons and markers to create cards and signs thanking veterans for their service. At Ann MacArthur Primary School, Lenore Madsen’s second graders worked collaboratively to create a colorful and patriotic sign expressing their thanks. Students colored individual grids and then worked together to assemble the sign, in the fashion of a puzzle. As each grid was placed, that student would call out the coordinates of the piece that was needed next. Ms. Madsen said while focusing on the sacrifices that veterans make for our country, the students were also expressing creativity and learning to follow directions. 

Three classes at Bayville Intermediate School created cards for veterans and then through Google Meet asked two veterans questions about their service and, of course, thanked them. The discussion included students from Julianna Caputo’s, Mikele Galligan’s and Kelly Price’s classes. Students from each class asked the veterans about life in the military, what they missed while they were serving and how they decided which branch of the military to join. 

Locust Valley High School students listened to a message during morning announcements about Veterans Day, followed by a ceremony in front of the school in which student leaders spoke about the meaning of the day. They then delivered flowers to local veterans. 

Many other classes throughout the district also created cards and focused on lessons recognizing the sacrifice of our veterans.

On behalf of our school families and staff, the Locust Valley Central School District thanks our veterans for the sacrifices they have made to ensure the freedoms that we enjoy in the United State of America.