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50 Mountain Avenue, Bayville, New York  11709

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The Intermediate School houses grades 3-5 with an enrollment of 225 students. The program is enhanced by an instrumental music program where students are given the opportunity to exercise their talents with strings, wind and choral classes. Leadership potential is fostered by our student council program. 

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    Building Relationships Through Bilingual Nights

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    The community came together as more than 125 parents attended the district’s bilingual event, held over two nights for Spanish-speaking families from all of the LVCSD schools.

    Organized and facilitated by Cyndy Ergen, a teaching assistant at Locust Valley Intermediate School, the event provided parents with helpful information to ensure that their children succeed in school. Ms. Ergen, who translates many district documents into Spanish for non-English-speaking families, shared the district calendar, important phone numbers and many helpful tips that would not only benefit students, but help parents and guardians feel more comfortable being part of the LVCSD community.  

    Several district administrators and building faculty members were introduced, shared information about their departments and made the attendees feel comfortable by speaking in their native language and reminding them that the district will assist them in any way possible.

    Ms. Ergen has been running this event for five years and said the Spanish-speaking community is appreciative that the information shared allows them to become more involved in the education of their children.

    “Many of these families want to be more involved but don’t know how,” Ms. Ergen said. “By showing them where to find information, how to view the website in their own language and who to contact for various topics, they now feel more comfortable.”

    Interim Superintendent of Schools, Thomas P. Dolan, Ed.D., said bilingual nights are important events that helps build bridges to connect all facets of the community. “When we work to make the entire community feel welcome, it benefits all of our students,” he said.

    Ms. Ergen wishes to thank the school staff members and representatives from outside organizations that assisted in making the bilingual nights a success.

    Halloween Fun!

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    A little rain didn't scare LVCSD elementary school students away from celebrating Halloween. Primary school students held parades at their respective schools and intermediate school students attended dances complete with spooky decorations and games. Check out the slideshows to see all the creative costumes.

    Bayville Intermediate School and Locust Valley Intermediate School


    Ann MacArthur Primary School and Bayville Primary School

    Students Working Together

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    A fourth grade class at Bayville Intermediate School and a second grade class at Bayville Primary School got together for a meet and greet, as they are going to work together throughout the year. The older students will serve as big brothers/sisters to their younger counterparts, helping to teach them about kindness and teamwork. 

    Fourth grade teacher Maureen Pederson and second grade teacher Carolyn Morales have teamed up to allow their students to benefit from interacting with children of different ages. For their first meeting, the students spent time getting to know each other while playing in the Bayville Intermediate School playground. 

    Mrs. Pederson said both ages will benefit from the partnership. “The younger students look to the older ones as role models and soak up the lessons they learn from them,” she said. “The older students learn leadership skills and gain confidence from being needed and respected by their younger partners.”

    Mrs. Pederson and Mrs. Morales plan to meet several times throughout the year to work on various projects that would support the purpose of this partnership.  

    Thanking First Responders

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    Saying thank-you to first responders was how a fifth grade class at Bayville Intermediate School reflected on the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Students in Mrs. Price’s class created cards with patriotic drawings on the cover and words of thanks inside, after discussing as a class the various words that describe first responders.

    Selfless, brave, strong, caring, protective, courageous and helpful were among the words the class used to describe firefighters, police officers, doctors, nurses, emergency medical technicians, members of the military and lifeguards, among others.

    Using these descriptive words, the students wrote personal messages inside each card after decorating the covers. Mrs. Price delivered the cards to the Bayville Fire Company. “This is an age-appropriate activity in which the students can reflect on the events of 9-11 and learn about showing thanks to those who risk their live to keep us safe,” Mrs. Price said. “In addition to being a great lesson, it makes us all feel good.”